Misty Meadows is 7 acres is tucked into the Highlands, a stunningly beautiful rural area within the 6-mile circle of downtown Victoria. In 1993, the municipality incorporated in order to preserve one third of the Highlands as a green space for the health of the Capital Regional district. The Highlands contains one Class A Provincial Park, two Regional, and three Municipal Parks within its borders and is enclosed by Thetis Lake and Francis King Parks to the southwest. Swimming holes, fishing spots, the highest peak on the Saanich Peninsula, abundant bird and wildlife and an attractive coastline for scuba divers and picnickers provide perfect areas for those seeking the tranquility of nature. Views of downtown Victoria and the Olympic Mountains are spectacular from some of these little known parks. In the Highlands, lot sizes range between 5 and 30 acres, retaining a truly rural atmosphere. Roads are purposefully built narrow and winding with vegetation intact in keeping with European traffic calming principles. Roads are shared with bicyclists, joggers, hikers, horseback riders and wildlife. There’s no hurry in the Highlands!! A trail system for bicycling, hiking and riding is currently being built alongside many roads.

Highlands Photo Gallery